An&angel is a brand of innovative and functional tableware, where state-of-the-art methods are used to create aerial and elegant bowls. Crystal and glass are our essential materials and the creation of unprecedented forms is our driving force.

The brand owner is company “Angel Glass Design”, established in 2004 by the designer Artis Nimanis, the first collection was based on his Master’s thesis at the Art Academy of Latvia. Since then he has been continuously experimenting with design and technologies.

The advanced technology used for coating the glass bowls with stainless steel or titanium is also applied for covering different parts used for space research, because the vacuum coverage applied to the metal significantly improves the properties of the coated material.

The technology is based on treatment of the material in high vacuum environment where metal is transformed into a fog, which due to gravity lands on the surface to be coated, and on the final stage is burned by plasma rays. This method provides a consistent ultra-thin, high-quality stainless steel coating.