The company “MAFFAM” offers hand-made furniture for garden or terraces, as well as modern design objects. Raimonds Cirulis is the first person in the world who makes furniture from basalt fibers.

“This furniture not only takes a practical, utilitarian function, but with that comes story of its unique design and mysterious volcanic origin. The company focuses on three main customer groups – hotel, leisure centre, restaurant owners.
Uniqueness lies in two important aspects – basalt absorbs all kinds of harmful rays – ultraviolet, radio, electromagnetic, mobile phone, even the earth gravitational radiation and X-rays, emphasises the designer.

So people are protected when they are relaxing in basalt furniture from many things which have negative effect on people. Second – basalt is unusually durable material, for example basalt fiber is stronger than a fibreglass. It is still widely used in space technology. Therefore designer believes that this furniture will have lifetime for 20 to 30 years.