„Linen is a lifestyle” has been Studija Naturals’ motto since the early days of the company. Linen has a timeless, magical connection with nature and people, with the past and the present. It has withstood the test of time and never goes out of style. Linen is for those who choose the best. The basic simplicity and serenity of linen has merely enhanced its elegance and appeal. In today’s world the Studija Naturals collection of hand crafted linen designs is a source of inspiration for modern interiors and garments.
Since 1995 – the year the company was founded, Studio Natural has participated in countless international textile fairs in Paris, Frankfurt, Verona, Milan, Tokyo etc. and each year Studio Naturals’ textile designer Laima Kaugure creates brand new fabrics and original designs for everyday use or for festive occasions. Studio Naturals’ hand-crafted linens have become ever more sought-after worldwide. The company is proud to have many longstanding and loyal customers from Europe, Asia etc. – many of them household names & famous brands.